The Importance Of Visual Spatial Intelligence For Visual Images

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In day to day life, I am learning more information in each second I am living. Not only am I learning academics but how to be a part of the world and to use my unique mindset while interacting in society. I have weak and strong intelligence abilities that help me take in my surroundings. Since I was a child, I have adapted to use my intelligences in everything I do and everything I take part in. In school when I am taking notes or studying for a test, I have to write and organize information in a way that makes sense to me so I can fully take in the material. When I am watching a movie, my mind picks up on certain aspects of the film and personality traits of the characters because I have adapted to take in knowledge in a specific way. Out of the eight multiple intelligences, my strong points are visual spatial and interpersonal. I have a exceptional intelligence for visual images in addition to interacting with others. Visual spatial intelligence is the special ability to work well with visual images. I work strong learning with pictures or videos and can remember information more suitably if I draw a picture or watch a film on the subject. I have a hard time memorizing information directly reading it out of a textbook, but if there are many diagrams, visual representations or I draw pictures of what the text is explaining, I can memorize it very easily. Using my visual spatial intelligence, I also have the strong ability to correctly visualize how something works or
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