The Importance Of Weight In College Students

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Weight in college student
Judith U. Ntimpa
September 18, 2017
State Technical College

Abstract: Objectives and participation: The purpose of the paper is to know factors that contribute weight gain in 2 years college students.
Method: Conduct a study in fall 2011 and spring of 2012, Minnesota Community College. The number of 441 students enrolled in study called ‘Choosing Healthy Options in College Environments and Settings (CHOICES).’
Key words: weight gain in 2 years college students, behavior and transition.

The objective of a research project conducted at Minnesota State was to find out the relationship between weight gains of college students. In the fall and spring semesters …show more content…

Getting together was an enjoyable event that offered comfort, advice and support. Talking and laughing with friends is a valuable tool to relieve stress. This new generation has very little actual physical time together. They have lots of friends on social media but no one close who they can trust and confide in.

Why does this generation gain unhealthy weight?
One evaluation conducted in Minnesota colleges showed that students enrolled in two year colleges are twice as obese compared to students enrolled in the four year institutions. Some of the contributing factors are that two years college students are less mature and are followers who make more bad decisions including not eating balanced diets. They mostly eat fast food which does not include vegetables of fruits. Compared to the four years college students who make better life choices altogether which includes healthier food. Another factor is alcohol usage. Alcohol can be purchased legally at age 21 in the US. The survey conducted in 2013 showed that the population between ages of 21 and 25 have the highest rate of alcohol consumption regardless of their status, student or not. Alcohol contains empty calories that contribute to weight gain.
The third factor is physical inactivity. Students enrolled in a two-year college tend not to participate in the school activities they did as youngsters. The statistics show only 4% continue to be involved in activities or sports. By consuming alcoholic beverages,

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