The Importance of Customers' Geographic Divisions Essay

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Geographic Divisions One of the important factors concerning your business’s customers is their geographic divisions. Where your customers are is as important as who they are or what they want. In fact, in some cases, those factors are highly aligned. For example, a pizza shop would do well to open near a college, providing the students quick and cheap sustenance. Placed a mere mile away, it would fail. The area around the college, while not marked on any map, was its own geographical area, with different customers from the surrounding areas. Where your customers are determines where the best location for your business to be is. It determines the costs of your business and the expected profits. In addition, it determines whether your …show more content…

What might be a perfect product or service for one customer is not wanted or needed by another. Customer expectation setting Even before the Customer walks in the door, or accesses your website, they have certain expectations regarding your company. These expectations come from their past experience with your company, their experience with your competitors, and even word-of-mouth from other people. These different opinions all come together to form their expectation. Once a customer has an idea in their head, it is difficult, if not impossible, to get them to let go of it. This is why it is important to properly set Customer expectations up front. Strive to make every customer interaction a positive Moment Of Truth that will be remembered and recounted to others. Rather than promise what you cannot deliver, it is better to follow the old adage ‘under promise, over deliver’. This way, the customer is pleasantly surprised by your ‘going above and beyond’ to exceed their expectations. Once they are in your door, you should work with the customer to mutually define and agree upon expectations for this interaction. Rather than simply asking what they want, try asking for their Best and Worst case scenarios, and then find a position in between that they agree counts as ‘success’. Additionally, be sure to document the expectation, to avoid problems later. Rapport Building Rapport is defined as “a close and

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