The Increasing Influence of Bullies

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Bullying is the abuse of the difference in power between the bully and the victim. Bullying should not be written off as kids just being kids. It should not be excused as a part of growing up. Bullying also is not something that victims should be left to work out for themselves, because it can change the victim in long-term and devastating ways. It has become more problematic, and the methods of domination and exploration are much more varied and even more invisible to the watchful eye of protective authority figures. Bullies are finding inventive ways to bring misery to their victims. Bullies pick on people with physical handicaps, but they would prefer victims with social handicaps. Their victims are usually shy, quiet or soft spoken, socially awkward with low self-esteem, and those with few friends. Bullying is done by both females and males alike, although in different ways and for different reasons. People are not born bullies. Bullying is usually a learned manner. These tormentors sometimes experience bullying at home by their own parents or other siblings. Bullies have no sense of remorse for hurting someone, and refuse to accept responsibility for their immoral behavior. They often do not accept that bullying other individuals is malicious. Bullying can occur as physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber bullying. All forms of bullying are done to hurt the victim’s feelings. Physical goes a step further. It is intended to hurt the victim’s feelings and body. Victims of
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