The Influence Of Playing Soccer

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When I was 7 years old I started playing soccer. I played soccer for 3 years before finishing up and retiring the sport. During this time I learn a lot, and gained a lot of confidence for sports in the future. During the time I played soccer there were many factors affecting my participation of the sport.
Soccer being a very popular sport played all over the world, where countries from England to Portugal and having our own New Zealand team all enter the world cup every four years. In 2006 when I was 7 the current Fifa world cup had taken place and covered by media on channels like prime and sky sports and regular updates and placings on the 6oclock news’s. I have memories of waking up very early in the morning to watch the semi finals
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The accessibility of the sport was and is very high. There were many local clubs such as Napier City Rovers (club I played for), Port Hill, Marist and more. Almost every school in the area also had one or mores school soccer team you could join and play for. So this meant accessibility of the sport was very high and easy. Early participation of the sport was influenced by school and was easiest to get involved in and learn if you like and enjoy the sport or not. My friends from school where a big influence of me playing the sport as I would play the sport with them and then we continued playing the sport after the first season. My best friend at the time, Blake was a big influence on me moving from playing for the school to joining the Napier City Rovers soccer club that he played for. Another influence that affect my participation of joining club soccer was that the sports grounds (Park Island) that the games and tournaments were held every weekend was a short ten minute drive from taradale, where we lived at the time. After playing for the club one session I had made more friends on the team such as Hunter, another
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