The Insignifcant Dispute of Internet Addiction

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The Insignificant Dispute of Internet Addiction Internet came into China in late 1990s. At first it was only a toy in some elites’ hands. During that time, many leaders of Internet industry 10 years later appeared. They believed that as time goes by, Internet will certainly be popularized into everyone’s house, and it will certainly become a good helper of people’s shopping, entertaining, and especially educating. 15 years past, their first prediction came true, but the latter did not exactly, in some people’s view. The Internet, bearing much prejudice, can actually satisfy more people’s expectations, but many people, including those pioneers, do not know why we have so much difficulty in to achieving that goal. These years we have seen many students addicted to the Internet. Many parents says that if there is not an Internet, there their children will would be much cleverer, much more diligent, much healthier... Anyway, much more perfect. But, is that necessarily true? In ancient China, although people thought a person who can master zheng, chess, penmanship and drawing was a genius man, most parents still forbade their children being engaged in these activities for they all have bad effects on learning. During the 1990s, televisions came into everyone’s house, and many students rushed home every day after school to sit in front of the TV to watch cartoons. And just now, if a teenager does not surf the Internet, he can also go to

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