The Institute: A Short Story Essay example

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“Just tell me what happened,” the detective spat at Harper. “I already told you what -----” Harper spat back. “Well tell me again!” he interrupted. “Fine,” Harper said rolling her big brown eyes, flipping her short brown and kicking her narrow feet on the metal table in front of her.
“Get your filthy feet off the table!” the detective growled.
“Do you want me to tell you the story or not pops? I’m not getting any younger! She said. Harper had always been a little snobby.
“Fine” he said through his teeth.
“Great, Now that we have come to an understanding,” she said, flashing her white teeth. “I was sleeping then I heard screaming. I ran to the hallway then to the bathroom where I heard the screaming coming from,” she paused “It…” she …show more content…

“What are my options?” Alex asked.
“You can either go to the Institute for the rest of your life or take the death penalty,” she said to Alex. “I’m sorry, I tried to get you more options but the Society wouldn’t let me,” she added.
“What’s the Society?” Alex asked confused.
“It’s our government; they make and enforce the rules. If you’re not ‘perfect’ then they either kill you of send you r to the Institute,” she said grimly. “So what will it be?” she questioned.
“The Institute,” Alex said glumly.
“Are you sure?” Alex’s lawyer asked.
“I’m only sixteen, anything is better than death,” she growled, as the guards got up to take her to the Institute.
When she walked into the cemented room there was a bunk bed in the corner with sheets folded neatly on the bottom bed and a giant lump of sheets scrambled around on the top bed. Great a roommate, Alex thought to herself menacingly. There were no windows two dressers, a clock, a dim light bulb in the center of the room and a camera in the corner diagonal form the bunk bed that was moving constantly. “Welcome to the Institute, here is your number 768,” the guard said to Alex. Then a girl rose room the top bunk, she shoved all the sheets of her then jumped off of the bed on to the floor. She had a white shirt and black short on and was barefooted. She was tall and towered over Alex who was only five feet six inches, she also had a tan and shaggy hair that flopped everywhere. “Hi, my name is Ponny… Ponny Addison and might I ask

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