The Internal Analysis Of Dollar Tree Essay

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The internal analysis is very important in a company. Just like the external analysis, both of these analysis help to determine strategies. The Internal analysis involves the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats of a company (Pearson, 2014). Dollar Tree has many strengths but they also have some weakness too. If Dollar Tree would use the data that they have from their internal analysis they could turn a lot of their weakness into strengths. But we will talk about their weaknesses later. The more strength a company has the better. One of Dollar Tree’s strengths would be that they acquired Family Dollar in 2015. This is a huge strength for Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree has many opportunities to overtake the dollar store market. They only need to keep inquiring their competitor’s stores. Strength for Dollar Tree is their strong financial performance. They are the largest dollar store in the market. Dollar Tree has a $15.5B Annual net sale that grew to 80.2% in 2015 and exceeded $15 billion for the first time in Company history. Now to Dollar Tree’s weaknesses, this would be their low inventory turnover ratio. In 2016, Dollar Tree reported that their inventory turnover ratio was 3.8 (Canadean, 2016). This is a high number. This is saying that they have more than enough of inventory in store that is not being bought by their customers. This is really money that is setting in their warehouse or stockroom and it just sitting and is not being used. This is bad for Dollar Tree.

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