The Internet And Its Impact On The Web

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The Internet has become one of, if not the quickest way to access information since most students would prefer to turn to these Internet resources first. There’s an estimate of 120 million Internet users in the United States, surfing the web daily. That is why the web has evolved into a more accessible and user friendly place where a person is able to search for the information they want. Therefore, it is crucial for a website to maintain its accessibility and user-friendly characteristic by keeping a well-designed web-page, easy navigations through the site, clear printed words on the page with good color contrast, etc. Furthermore, in order to receive feedbacks from the users/readers, the website would require a feedback system and user’s support to allow the users to express their opinions of the website which is very valuable in order to improve the web page. A great example of a website which contains a lot of these characteristics is First, the website has tons of information regarding Colleges, which is already helpful towards students, as the largest group of people who uses the internet. College Atlas contains information for different colleges, as well as options to help find a suitable college for the student’s education needs. As one can see, at first glance, the site has a lot of labeled categories where the user can clicks on and explore located on the top of the web page (See image below). Furthermore, on the right side of the page where
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