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The Internet

The Internet is an electronic series of virtual networks that link people and information through computers and other digital devices, allowing peer to peer communication and information retrieval. The Internet was first developed in the late 1960's by the US government. The Internet however was not publicly available until 1982; with the use of GUI's increasing the numbers owning computers, the Internet became widely available and commercial interests grew. Access and use of the resource spread rapidly, the number of American users grew from 25 million in 1995 (when only 3% of people had ever used the Internet) to 83 million in 1999, with 55 million of those going online in a …show more content…

"E-mail is a way to stay in touch, but you can't share a coffee or a beer with somebody on e-mail or give them a hug".

However on the other side of the argument, many say the Internet say the Internet is pro socially when used sensibly. About two-thirds of the Internet users surveyed said they spent less than five hours a week online. People who have incorporated the Internet find it a useful tool in their everyday lives with no harmful effects. Nearly 60 percent of those who email friends and family were in contact with loved ones more often than before, and 75 percent said they had seen a friend or family member the previous day. Socially active people tend to use email in particular to allow them to communicate more and it actually extends their social life. A UCLA study, reported findings

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