The Internet Is An Amazing Thing

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The Internet is an amazing thing. Decentralized and global, it is used on a massive scale daily and has transformed the world. Arising from a group of computer networks that rose up from around 1960-1990, it has gone from accounting for a small fraction of global communications to well over 90% of them in a matter of decades. It has had an unspeakable impact on humanity, Changing dramatically business and culture, among other things. The Internet as we know it today is the product of several computer networks that were created from around 1960-1990. Most notably, the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), which was created by ARPA (Now DARPA), the research agency of the United States Department of Defense. The ARPANET was the first computer network to use the TCP/IP protocol, the backbone of the modern Internet. The effect that the Internet has had on business has been immense. More and more, people are starting to do things online that they traditionally did at a physical building. Banking, shopping, trading, and watching movies. Many are even predicting that soon traditional brick and mortar stores will be a thing of the past. The cultural impact has also been huge. Via the Internet, news and information can spread all over the world in a matter of hours. This has changed the way that people get news and information, as well as lead to the rise of an Internet culture.

History of the Internet

On the 4th of October 1957, the USSR launched

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