The Ios 9 Update : A New Revolution

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The iOS 9 update: A New Revolution
Sewit Y. Beraki
George Mason University
IT 104-009

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iOS 9 is a revolutionary update, that will change technology forever, It is currently becoming implemented in new designs such as the Apple TV, IPad Pro and the rumored Apple car.
Current use IOS 9 is an update for apple products. This update has new features that will enable users to even better their experience with the technicality of it. “Apple(TM) today announced… a free update for iPhone(TM), iPad(TM) and iPod touch(TM) users.” There are some features that are specific to certain devices. With the update, the iPad is now able to multitask, meaning there is an option to share the screen and have two apps open, or facetiming and checking your email. (2015) “One of iOS 9’s flagship new features is “Proactive”, proactive works hand in hand with Siri for improved and more intelligent responses and search results.” (Painter, 2015) This proactive feature enables iOS 9 users to have a more personalized, focused search experience when using their device. It remembers your habits and creates shortcuts for the apps that you frequently use. Siri is now even smarter, so she now can be asked to be reminded about events, look for specific pictures in the gallery, and an improved search result quality.
Apple pay is another feature of this new update. Apple pay is like your wallet expect it’s all on your phone. This enables the user to connect their method of payment with the Apple pay access. “To pay, just hold your

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