The Is The Party Of God

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When translated, Hezbollah means “The Party of God.” However, as we examine the history, demographics, agenda, methodology and target choices and affiliation assignments and contributions of Hezbollah, we discover that this organization was established with perhaps one goal in mind and that is to strike fear into the hearts of those that oppose an Islamic state in Lebanon. Therefore, as the self-proclaimed “Party of God,” based on the history of their activities and actions, they appear to be something entirely different.
Since the establishment of Hezbollah in 1982 as part of the Iranian government’s Revolutionary Guard, according to Spindlove et al (2010, pp. 249-252), the goal of this organization has since been the creation of an independent Islamic state exclusive of the nation of Lebanon. Moreover, according to a compilation of information by Berman (2015), it is widely believed that the Hezbollah ideology spawned during the Iranian Revolution. During this revolution, the rhetoric called upon Muslims to over through governments that oppressed them and their beliefs. Within Lebanon, according to perceptions of the Hezbollah leaders, the United States (U.S.) was ultimately to blame for the oppression of Lebanese Muslims and their beliefs while, simultaneously, viewing Israel as an extension of the U.S. and its policies within the region. Led by religious clerics, in addition to their desire for independence, the Hezbollah organization adopted an

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