The Issue Of Adolescents With Abuse Drugs And Alcohol Are Doing Four Things : Exploring Their Pain

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Module 2 Journal: The author of this book believes that adolescents who abuse drugs and alcohol are doing four things: exploring their pain, medicating their pain, revealing their pain, and getting treatment for their pain. For the teenager you followed in this reading, give your opinion on the ways in which he did each of the above. There are no right or wrong answers; just use your knowledge and experience to try to understand the motivations and mindsets of these troubled teens. Exploring His Pain: (analyze, examine, scrutinize, probe) I imagine that Tristan never had the opportunity to deal with the pain of his parents’ separation and divorce. The next thing you know, another life adjustment in the form of a strange man and…show more content…
In the book it also came out that the parents drank and smoke pot in his house. So he should be concerned about whether or not they were really supporting his sobriety. All addicts, whether they drink, snort, inject or puff, abuse because they would rather feel high and foggy, than to feel the numbing pain of daily life. If we are not putting our energy into teaching our children when they are young, how to feel good on the inside, they will most certainly find a different outlet. Tristan was lucky enough to be born into a family that also had money, so he was able to buy his fun. Parenting is not an easy job. It is very hard to watch your children fail, be in pain or make lifelong mistakes. It is a fine line in letting them learn about the negative consequences of their behavior. When your child gets warning after warning, children grow up unable to create that inner voice telling them not to do something. The problem with this thinking is that we are all different, and typically students with ADHD struggle with executive functioning to begin with! It is important that we find the balance with letting them experience their actions and protecting them. This gets harder to do as they get older. A teen can always use additional support and guidance in this area.
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