The Issue Of Gun Control

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During presidential debates numerous controversial issues are discussed. Some of the controversial issues have been a topic of interest for ongoing years, furthermore; divide the populous of the nation. Aside from the stand on abortion, a never ending debate that can affect nearly every American is gun control. Both sides of gun control are equally adamant. The pro side, represented by the NRA, National Rifle Association continues to oppose gun policies primarily on the argument that restricting gun ownership is unconstitutional. However, gun control advocates argue that that violence is an epidemic across the country that is out of control. The second amendment to the constitution states that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms without government interference. The government tries to implement laws that will affect everyone. Rightfully so, the focus and concern should preventing the juveniles and criminals access to weapons. However, as history and time have shown us, criminals do not obey the laws as it is, after all; this is why we do call them criminals. Implementing laws on gun control will not affect criminals’ possession or access to weapons. For example, multiple drugs such as cocaine and heroin are illegal, yet we have plenty of addicts occupying our society. For criminals, if there is a will there is a way. Criminal behavior cannot be controlled by the government. Criminals now, who already possess handguns, have more

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