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The journal, Sleep Quality in the Survival of Elderly Taiwanese: Roles for Dietary Diversity and Pyridoxine in Men and Women, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition explores the relationship between the effect of diet on sleep and the survival rate of elderly Taiwanese population during a 10-year follow up (1). The journal was published by a non-profit organisation, and has an impact factor, which is the average number of citations within a year, of 1.68. The results of this journal are reported in the media article, “Sleep and diet have different outcomes among the sexes”, which was publishes in The Examiner a daily newspaper. It informs the global community about the risk of poor sleep associated with increased morbidity and mortality. It speculates in the article that there is a big association between the quality of sleep perceived and the dietary diversity (2).


The research question that was posed by the experimenter was to investigate if dietary influences had any connection between sleep and all-cause mortality among elderly men and women. A prospective cohort study was used to tests the significance of the hypothesis. The study involves the follow-up of people with common characteristics, to test the cause and effect relationship of the quality of sleep, which is dependent on the participants diet and their mortality rate in the next 10 years (1).

Study design A cohort of 1865 people aged 65 years and over, from
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