The Key Features Of The World Wide Webs Development Essay

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In this report I will be researching and reporting on the key features of the World Wide Webs development and analysing the aspects of what made up the World Wide Web. The main subjects will be the WWW (World Wide Web), HTML5, CSS3/ CSS box model and JavaScript including document object model. I will be exploring these subjects’ core principles, purposes, features, techniques and latest developments to display and further my knowledge of these subjects and reinforce them with evidence.

Milestones in the history of the WWW
The World Wide Web was created in March 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee a British scientist working at CERN ("The Birth of the Web | CERN"). CERN is an acronym of the French phrase "Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire" which translate to the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The World Wide Web was created to share information between scientist and institutes worldwide. The World Wide Web is a series of computer networks interconnected by Coaxial cable or fibre optic cables spanning underground and across the oceans. Tim Berners Lee crated his first proposal for the World Wide Web in march 1989 see page 8 ("World Wide Web Born At CERN 25 Years Ago | CERN") for image of Tim Berners Lee Diagram for the World Wide Web.
The World Wide Web uses 3 protocols HTML (hypertext markup language), HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) and URLS (uniform resource locator). HTML is the coding language of the World Wide Web and gives the ability to

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