The Key Of Marketing Process

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A.C.1.1 Marketing is the management action able to spot, foresee and please the customer claim in a profitable way, is a “process of developing and implementing a strategy to plan and coordinate ways of identifying, anticipating, and satisfying consumer demands in such a way as to make profits”, it is the tactical scheme that stand at the core of marketing, it is a set of agreements that enable buyers and sellers to exchange goods and services. The key words in marketing process are:
a. Identifying the customer’s demands according to their thoughts and feelings and perception about a good product or service. Kellogg’s examined and estimated the design of Cornflakes as to please and be present at the needs of the purchaser.
b. Anticipating …show more content…

Than they held a children’s art contest, selecting from the best entries for the use of Kellogg’s advertisements. After having success in USA market, Kellogg’s enters for the first time a foreign land and continued to expand into new market, exporting cereal to England and introducing ready-to –eat cereals to health institutions, accommodations and restaurant carriage.
d. Profitability is the way of making profit when the organization is able to identify, anticipate and satisfy the customer’s demands.
All the marketing process is built according to a plan that includes the core concepts of it, especially the comprehension of the marketplace and the consumer needs.
Need is an operation of human activity that include physical (food, clothes, shelter, safety), social (affection, belonging) and individual needs (learning, knowledge, self- expression). Understanding the market place and the customer’s needs is to comprehend the environment where the trade between buyers and sellers take place and recognize the lack of something that people want or deem necessary. Kellogg’s understood that the market in USA needed the flaked corn for fulfilling their need of healthy products for breakfast.
Want is the size of the individual need that takes form by culture and individual personality. Design customer- driven marketing strategy is separating market in tiny groups with different need, personality or behavior according to their wants.
Kellogg’s introduce high fiber cereal

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