The Lady With The Dog Summary

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As reading “The Lady with the dog” the plot seemed to be written with the idea to be unpredictable. In my opinion I found it very selfish and it left me viewing this as a love story for love is to be selfish. This man does not respect women, “He had first begun deceiving her long ago and he was now constantly unfaithful to her, and this was no about why he spoke slightingly of women, to whom he referred as the lower race. He considered that the ample lessons he had received from bitter experience entitled him to call them whatever he liked, but without this “lower race” he could not have existed a single day” (Chapter 1). This shows his dependance on women, he has the need as though its basic human nature to be with a women. The young lady with the dog, Anna is seen more attractive because she is new. “If she is here without a husband or friends, it wouldn’t be amiss to make her acquaintance” (51). With the idea that she is pathetic but he continues to see her. In my opinion, with the age difference between the two, Gurov can see how little life she has experience, especially when she frets over the relationship. Both show two different outlooks on what they are doing. Grove views this a normal relationship and normal thing to do. He gets annoyed with her being concerned about their relationship. But Anna thinks she is being a common woman for cheating on her husband. “Believe me, believe me, I beseech you . . ." she said. "I love a pure, honest life, and sin is
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