The Language Of Language And Language

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Durell is surrounded by different language ideologies that show us what concepts of language he was exposed to and the impact he had on him. At home, school, and the community, people embrace the concept that any language, learn to any degree, used in anyway is good proper language. We see this in his teacher emphasizing learning language makes children a better learner because gain the benefits of new ways of thinking. There is the mom who says all and any language will help her son get a better job. Most people seem to be happy about language learning of any kind and few perceive that people are speaking improperly. This is seen in the school decision to have the teacher speak in mandarin instead of teaching mandarin. There are those who believe language should not be in the school, yet they focus on the language taking up time and hindering learning rather than being improper. In this way the community is like Middletown where parents respond to babbling and incorrect pronunciations because they are focused on encouraging children to talk instead of worrying about how “proper” it is (). On the same note, there are times where the teacher wants students to copy the exact way she did something. These instances normally revolve around written language. Written language could, therefore, have a proper way of looking and being done that spoken language does not. To be fair, there is probably structure to the spoken language the kids learn and that structure is followed. The…

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