The Leadership And Management Skills

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Leadership and Management Introduction Leadership management is one of the most essential facets in our current generation and those to come. Exceptional leadership and management skills have the capacity of successfully carrying a company from one stage of development to the next, which synchronizes aspects of technology and adequate research. The leadership and management skills exhibited by iconic leaders are worth emulating because their names are noted throughout history due to their important roles in the development of our country. This paper critically draws the examples of the leadership styles of one of the United States most recognized leaders– Abraham Lincoln. Discussion Abraham Lincoln’s leadership…show more content…
The quality of leadership that incorporates visions shared by the majority and inculcation of dialogue in the achievement of goals and objectives were such attributes perfected by Abraham Lincoln (White, 2009). Though a superb speaker, Abraham Lincoln’s powers in implementing the strategies that he mentioned to the populace– he was a “say and do” type of a person which is a requirement for any specific leader, be it in a family or company. Principles to adopt in my leadership style. The thoughts projected and targets created must be free from corruption. Leadership and management works best when resources and opportunities are not channeled to the direction of a select few individuals for the purpose of gaining undue favor in comparison to the rest. The balance of leadership is in giving back to the society, a mindset that tunes leadership as a chance of making for oneself is often misconstrued. Leadership is a responsibility that affects society at large in terms of development, quality of life and future aspirations. That being said, I would ensure that as a executive, I would refrain from all corrupt dealings that would increase chances of failure for my company. This meaning the organization and my leadership skills must be transparent in regards to the operations. Recruitment, audit, planning and research teams must be transparent to avoid the fatalities that may arise as a result of failing to adhere
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