The Leadership Development Program ( Ldp ) That Bb & T Offers

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I am interested in the Leadership Development Program (LDP) that BB & T offers. I am a Masters of Business Administration student, with a concentration in Human Resources, at Appalachian State University. I have already done research on the corporation, on its mission, values, diversity, and its leadership development programs. I have also written a company analysis in my MBA program on BB & T. I really want an opportunity to work for this company. I will complete my MBA course load in August and will be applying for the January session. Based on my background, I believe the corporate route would be the best fit for me. I also have experience in Human Resources. During my senior year of undergrad, I got into the accelerated program to take MBA graduate courses. I took performance management and completely fell in love with Human Resources. That year I decided to volunteer at the Watauga Medical Center in Boone, NC, at its Human Resource Department. I volunteered for six months doing whatever tasks were required of me. Most tasks consisted of filing, coding, and updating employee’s files. I was able to personally advertise and hire a local band for an appreciation banquet the HR department was having for part-time employees. I was also asked to brainstorm ideas on how to meet the HR department’s goal of maintaining 80% retention of employees at the hospital. I even tailored my sociology senior capstone project, so it would overlap with Human Resource content. The project was

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