The Leadership Style of Walt Disney

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The leadership style of Walt Disney 1. Introduction Walter Elias Disney (1901-1966) was the man who brought entertainment for the entire family into the homes of the people across the globe. He was both an entertainer and an entrepreneur, ensuring the long term success of his business and his entertainment efforts. Through today, Walt Disney remains a symbol of film making, creation and entertainment innovation. 2. Leadership situation At the age of 31, Walt Disney and his brother, Roy Disney, founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio (currently known as the Walt Disney Company), which became the industry leaders in the creation of cartoons. Gradually, the company expanded to also produce motion pictures and provide entrainment services through cable services or its theme parks. As co-founder of this company, Walt Disney received numerous awards and recognitions for his work. He is mostly remembered as the creator of the lovable Mickey Mouse figure, but also as the creator of the Disneyland, considered the most popular theme park in the world (Leadership with You). 3. Decision making As a business leader and a decision maker, Walter Disney developed a comprehensive approach, which considered a multitude of variables to making final calls. He as such welcomed feedback, and even strengthened the corporate culture at the company so that the employees were encouraged to provide their feedback to the managers, and as such support the decision making
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