The Leading Change By John Kotter

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The “Leading change” by John Kotter describes the process of managing change in an organization in eight steps which follows positive results. For all the organizations within the country as well as around the globe, this book is the foundation of how to manage change. A change is the basic necessity of every organization, without which it cannot achieve its goals. It also helps in identifying where, how and when the top leaders of the organization made mistakes while going through the process of change.
Being a visionary guideline for all the leaders and top management of an organization, this book explains how to survive in the most crucial times of the change with producing positive results for its organization. It explains the ability
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This book also describes that a good leader should not just impose the change on its employees by words. He should imply the change by its actions and make its employees comfortable to adapt that change. He should confuse the vision of the change and neither confuses its employees. As John Kotter says that often the most powerful way to communicate a new direction is through behavior. The leaders and the top management should live within the vision of the change and shows that change by their behaviors too. By doing this, the lower level employees will automatically grasp the vision of the change.

Important Concepts:

The first and the most important concept of this book in my opinion is the problem of resonating with change and how to deal with it. It tells the reasons why some organizations fail in the process of transformation. John Kotter says that “Transformation often begin, and begin well, when an organization has a new head who is a good leader and who sees the need for a major change.” This emphasizes the importance of a leader having special skills to deal with the process of transformation of an organization. In my opinion, this concept is important because it is a leader who controls the direction of progress of an organization. Therefore, it is very necessary to have knowledge about what qualities should a leader have to make its organization grow.
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