The Learning Theories Of The Classroom Setting By Using An Essay

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For teachers to be effective in the classroom, it is important that a range of strategies are used to ensure students learn effectively. The essays purpose is to relate this to the understanding of the main learning theories, especially learnt in weeks six and seven. This will also provide the opportunity to begin applying these theories in the classroom setting ,by using an essay, that works to analyse teaching practices. All the while being critical about one’s beliefs on learning as well as teaching. And using it to consider, the influence of developmental factors on students,to show that it is vital for a teacher to have a variety of strategies so their students learns as effective as possible.
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Direct instruction has been shown to be an effective way of teaching, as it happens to be the method of teaching usually used in the classroom. A teacher may use this by changing the delivery of the lesson where seen appropriate. As well as using a broad range of resources to support their classrooms learning. Features of direct instruction, include explicit as well as well ordered teaching lesson. Some important parts of direct instruction, include ability grouping. Students are placed into groups and then are regrouped on how they are progressing. An importance here is placed on the students pace as well as understanding of what has been taught. An emphasis on pace and efficiency of instruction. This program is meant to accelerate student progress, therefore lessons are designed to bring students to mastery as quick as possible. Frequent assessment, curriculum based assessments help pace students in ability groups and identify students who require additional intervention. Peer delivery also offers teachers new ways to use the curriculum.
Inquiry based learning, main goal is to allow the teacher to ask the class questions, as well as pose problems as well as scenarios rather than presenting facts only. The student then will identify questions they may want answered ,to develop a complete understanding of what it taught. Some characteristics of this learning theory include,

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