The Life Of My Hua, My Mom

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My Hua, My Mom All my life I’ve seen my mom work hard, struggling to pay bills and raise three sons alone. Day in and day out she’ll work and when she returns home she tells me to end up like her. She’s worked to the point where she’s had some health issues in recent years and continues to work because there’s really no other option. She’s said a number of times that she regrets never finishing school and tells me it’s something I have to do. Even without her telling me to I knew just from looking at her that it was something I had to do to prevent her hard work from going to waste. My mother came to this country around 30 years ago at the age of 19 with my older sister who, at the time, was only a couple of months old. Around the same time, a number of my family members did the same and brought their young children. I would be born about 10 years later in Los Angeles and my brothers two and four years after respectively. By the time I was able to go to school most of my cousins had already given up on school. Much like my mom and their parents, they ended up working jobs that paid little and had to work multiple jobs to be able to afford to live on their own. Soon after my sister would follow suit and move out on her own. From the stories I’ve heard from the lot of them, they’ve never believed they’d be able to make it to college anyway so they put little effort into school. A number of the stories involve ditching class or going to parties, only intending to stay in

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