The Life of Abraham Lincoln Essays

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The Life of Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, in Nolin Creek , Kentucky. His father was Thomas Lincoln from virginia born january 6, 1778,and Nancy Hanks born February 5, 1784, they were married June 12, 1806. He developed into a tall angular man had developed terrific stenghth he could hold an ax by the handle and raising his arm to horizontal hold the ax out straight. He was quick whited and liked to mimic often-imitating preachers and…show more content…
Lincoln decided to take a turn to politics and in 1832 declared himself a candidate for the office of State Legislature. His platform was internal improvements, better educational facilities, and a law to limit interest rates. Governor John Reynolds called for volunteers for the state militia to fight Black Hawk, the war leader to the Sauks and Foxed, who were dissatisfied with the land allotted them (Black Hawk War of 1832). His job as a shopkeeper was coming to an end, he enlisted for thirty days, borrowed a horse and suppplied his own gun and ammunition. His company consisted mainly of friends. He was elected captain they became part of mounted brigade. After the enlistment was over most of his men left for home. Lincoln enlisted for twenty days additional service a a private in the mounted company of Elijah Iles. The command was largely made up of former colonels, captains, lieutenants, and Lieutenant Robert Anderson, later to command Fort Sumter. After his enlistment was expired, he chose to enlist again this time in a spy battalion. All told he was in the service for about eighty days was paid $125.00 and saw no fighting. Going home after the service, he started campaigning for the legislature in earnest. He would go out, talk and work along side the voters. His first major speech was improving the navigation
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