The Local School Board Just Raised Taxes For The Fourth Year

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The local school board just raised taxes for the fourth year in a row, what do you do? If you do not like the actions of your local school board, you can vote against your local school board member in the next election. This is democracy at work. Understanding that there is no such thing as a one size fits all education, it is necessary for a local government control of education with minimal state control because unions still need to have the power to protect their members, every school district is different and has different needs, and democracy is necessary in our society. The teachers union has been around for many years. The first union was founded in, “1857: The National Education Association (NEA) is founded in Philadelphia by 43 educators” (Mader, 2012). With a local school board in charge of a district’s education, teachers unions can have a greater ability to bargain, educate, and protect their members. School boards are there to help be an in-between for the tax payers and the schools.
School systems sometimes make promises they have no intention of keeping. Other times, they can deliver a world of opportunities to our neediest children. They may or may not want to listen to parents or even teachers, but school systems always attend to the demands of the most powerful individuals and institutions in their communities. (Koonce, 2016, p. 204).
Having a good relationship between the school board and teachers union is a very big deal. A bad relationship
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