The Mad Men Marketing Passage Essay

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Throughout this essay we will analyse and discuss the Mad Men marketing passage while relating how we believe this quote can be applied to contemporary Marketing and its related theory. First we will discuss Mangers use of marketing theory to focus on competitors, secondly we will outline how the marketing environment reflects mainstream society. Then we will examine how through technology advances industries are becoming redundant, followed by consumer behaviour in the contemporary markets. Fifthly we will analyse brands and how they affect consumers to buy products and finally outline marketing institutions and service dominant logic and their effect on consumers through the emergence of new technologies, this will then be followed by a conclusion all while applying the marketing theory to the mad men quotation.
Upon analysing the mad men quote it has shown us that the audience wishes to be engaged with a product or brand on an emotional level enticing them to experience a feeling of sentimental value, however in the contemporary commercial world most managers focus on the immediate task and the results for the next quarter. Managers are good at giving attention to the competitor and making a countermove back. Managers should give more attention into discovering the unknown and thinking about their market space, as they may not realise that opportunities may arise outside their current focus, “You can’t use an old map to find new land”(Hamel 2000:149).
The marketing

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