The Market For Beauty Services

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The market for beauty services in Brighton is on a rise with an estimate of 20 beauty salons established in the city.

The Mobile Beauty Bar is a mobile beauty spa set in Brighton, East Sussex, offering luxurious beauty experiences. For now it specialises in providing bespoke/luxury eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting, brow threading as well as brow tinting to the local community of Brighton.
We plan to offer these services at a fraction of the prices of our competitors.

MARKET RESEARCH: the process of gathering information on target marks or market conditions.

We did this by handing out 20 questionnaires to women in Brighton. The questions asked:
1. How old are you?
2. Do you thread your brows?
3. Do …show more content…


A product’s unique selling point (USP) is a factor that differentiates a product from its competitors. The Unique selling point of the services provided by the mobile beauty bar is that the prices are relatively low in comparison with the competitors in Brighton. Findings from our survey show that the average price of Eyelash extensions are £55 while ours is at £29.99, which is just about half the price.

Although the business is going to be based in Brighton, It will be a mobile service as there is so permanent location due to the limitation of capital. It will be an on demand service where an appointment has to be made and they can get the service right in the comfort of their homes. This satisfies the third C of the 4 C”S of the marketing mix which is Customer Convenience and is very important in enhancing the customer experience, because customers are very busy and have may choices so it is the venture’s objective to make the services easily accessible to consumers.

A target market is the market group at which a company aims its products.
The mobile beauty bar’s target market is young women in Brighton between the ages 15 and 35.
Furthermore, we are defining the target market not only by customers’ age, but also by, demographic, social, psychological and economic factors to

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