The Marketing Approach Of Skoda Auto From Past

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Analyse the marketing approach of Skoda Auto from past to future

Group: DW
Student name: Yuanzhi Cai (Celia)
Student No.: 0010896606
Date: 20/4/2017

a.) The executive summary
b.) Introduction
c.) Main body 1.) Branding and Brand Image 2.) Marketing Mix 3.) Target Market
d.) Conclusion
e.) References

a.) Executive summary As we know that Skoda has a long history and it entered manufacturing market in 1890. It started producing cars in 1905, at that time it was only car making company in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). In the 1980s the Skoda brand constituted the symbol of cheap and poor quality, so it often formed the basis of many
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Basing on the reasonable price, Skoda could not compete other brands of cars on style. In the early 1980s, company budget was so low for innovations and promotions that somebody has ever said that “trying to sell Skoda was something like trying to sell nuclear waste”. As the reason for these problems, Skoda’s brand image was not very well. There were 60% people who will never buy a Skoda because its looks are out-of-time and out of sync with its product image, according the previous market researches. Due to this brand image, Skoda has been talked in lots of jokes, for example: what do you have to do if your Skoda gets in the way of a swarm of killer bees? and the answer for this question was “stop pushing and take refuge in the car”. 2.) Marketing Mix Marketing mix is the combination of marketing activities in order to promote a particular good or service. There are four elements called 4P: Product (what will the business sell), Price (how much will the business charge), Promotion (how to get people to buy the product), Place (how will the product be distributed). Skoda was a struggling company until the early 1990s, it encountered low productivity, the lack of skilled labour, high debts and low sales etc. It was producing out-of-date and unreliable cars, which led to its brand to be the symbol of unreliability. As the reason for this, Skoda began to

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