The Meaning of Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational behaviour is concerned with the study of the behaviour of people within an organizational setting. It involves the understanding, prediction and control of human behaviour and the factors which influence the performance of people as members of an organization. Organizational behaviour dose not encompass the whole of management; it is more accurately described in narrower interpretation of providing a behavioural approach to management.
All organizations face the basic challenge of mongering psychological contract. They want value from their employees, and they must give employees the right inducements. If psychological contracts are created, maintained, and managed effectively, the result is likely to be
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They placed emphasis on the planning of work, the technical requirement of the organizations, principles of management and assumption of rational and logical behaviour. All that was studied by many of writers such as: Taylor, Fayol, Urwich, Moony and Reilen and Brech.
The classical writers have been criticized generally for not taking sufficient account of personality factors and for creating on organization structure in which people have only limited control over their work environment.
The tow major “sub groping “of the classical approaches are:
a) Scientific management.
b) Bureaucracy.
First, scientific management:
Many of classical writers were concerned with the important of management as a means of increasing productivity and high level of output. A major contributor to this approach was F.W. Taylor (1856 – 1917). He believed that in the same way that there is a best machine for each job, so there is a best working method by which people should undertake their jobs. “ONE BEST WAY “F.W.Taylor. He saw workers soldiering or deliberately working beneath their potential and designed a 4-step method to overcome this problem.
• It begins with breaking the job into its smallest pieces.
• The second step is to select the most qualified employees to perform the job and train them to do it.
• Next, supervisors are used to monitor the employees to be sure they are following the methods prescribed.
• Finally, continue in this fashion,

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