'The Medium Is the Massage' Mcluhan

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“The medium is the message” McLuhan defines the medium as any extension of our body, senses or mind. Therefore, any instrument of change is a medium. The resulting change McLuhan refers to is often subtle and it is this change that is the message (McLuhan, 1994). At first glance, McLuhan’s statement seems paradoxical. However, my conventional understanding of message as the content is not how McLuhan defines it. He defines the…show more content…
It is our responsibility to study the effects of our technologies to prevent any detrimental unanticipated consequences they may have on our society. Samuel Morse when he invented telegraphy, predicted that it would make “one neighborhood of the whole country.” According to Postman telegraphy “destroyed the prevailing definition of information, and in doing so gave a new meaning to public discourse.” It is with telegraphy and its union with the press that the value of information changed. Information became context-­‐free and a commodity. Information was bought and sold irrespective of its use or meaning, 1 and this is how the value of news has come to rely on its novelty, interest and curiosity and not on its functionality (Postman, 1986). “Television speaks in only one persistent voice – the voice of entertainment,” (Postman, 1986).
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