The Mission Of Gp Holdings

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1.1 Mission Statement

The mission of GP Holdings, LLC is to develop a real estate portfolio that is capable of creating multiple assets over the next 5-10 years that will generate a substantial amount of monthly income. The company will take a conservative approach as to allow the owner to manage the company and be able to work full time elsewhere. The company will look to invest in up to three properties per year. Initially, GP Holdings, LLC will seek to invest in residential properties that have the potential to generate immediate return. The property will be renovated and sold in a short period of time to generate working capital. The short term purchasing and reselling will be performed twice per year. GP Holdings, LLC will then take proceeds from the sale to supplement equity investment of third residential property that will be held and rented as an income producing asset, while seeking long term appreciation.

1.2 Objectives

The following are the main objectives for GP Holdings, LLC:
• Invest in two undervalued residential properties for the purpose of immediately renovating and reselling it.
• Hold and rent properties to generate monthly rental income
• Manage the renovation of newly attained residential properties.
• Manage properties that are rented, and held for the longer term.

1.3 Success

The success of GP Holdings, LLC will be determined by:
• Being able to purchase a property at the lowest possible price, as to increase the profit margin.
• Complete the

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