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Marketing strategies are an extremely important factor in determining the overall success of large global businesses (LGB). Marketing strategies are plans of action intended to promote and sell goods or services. There are a number of marketing strategies available, however, this report focuses specifically on pricing, promotion and global marketing. These determine how a business sells its goods and services, subsequently affecting market share, profitability, and cash flow. This is demonstrated when looking at the global businesses of Qantas Pty Ltd and Apple Pty Ltd. Qantas is an Australian based airline, which has grown from an airmail company to the largest airline in Australia,
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This improves the businesses financial position, such as liquidity and solvency. Ultimately, this has ensured Apple 's overall success, as these profits are reinvested into the business, resulting in improved operations, marketing, and HR practices.

Price Skimming
This occurs when a business charges the highest price for a product during the introduction stage of its lifecycle. This is typically used when introducing a new, unchallenged product into the market, ensuring high profits before the product has competition. For example, Apple set its price for its iPhone 6 plus exceptionally high due to its advanced features and lack of competitors. This ensured that Apple received high-profit levels before the iPhone 6 plus was challenged by other products. Additionally, this has seen Apple have a high product position and helped cement its brand image, as these higher prices are typically associated with a higher quality product. This has subsequently improved market share and profits.

Loss leading
This method involves selling products below production cost. This attracts customers to the business, who then purchase other products. Ultimately, this improves profits, brand loyalty, and market share. Qantas has used this strategy during the launch of its subsidiary, Jetstar, in 2006. For example, flights from Melbourne to Sydney was offered at $19. These low airfares attracted customers away from its competitors, such as Virgin Blue. This had seen

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