The Mission Of Livetable, Llc

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Objectives Mission Statement The mission of LiveTable, LLC is to create a user friendly application that serves as a guide for finding that perfect place to eat whether planning for a future event or right now. Keys to Success LiveTable will differentiate itself from the competition by ensuring the application interface is easy to navigate and leveraging the latest technology to provide users actual, real time results. Additionally, LiveTable, LLC will provide excellent technical and customer service support to keep the application up and running and its customers happy. LiveTable 's management team will aggressively ensure each area of the business plan is addressed in a timely and optimal manner. Description of Business LiveTable is…show more content…
This gives restaurants an opportunity to advertise specials they have so people will be more willing to book a reservation with them, and enabling restaurants to suggest upsells to provide profit increases through use of the application. High demand and increased reliance on applications will ensure this unique and distinct application will give customers the opportunity to make their dinner plans quickly and easily. Industry Analysis Industry Review LiveTable is a service-based mobile application that gives real time wait results, the ability to add a name to the wait list, the option to reserve a table, and many more options for application downloaders and restaurants. There are many mobile applications out there that offer similar options, demonstrating how profitable the mobile application industry in this specific category can be. There will continue to be innovative ideas with increased use of smartphones and mobile applications as technology and equipment become more advanced. A full understanding of the profit potential of LiveTable in the mobile application world the industry can be developed by analyzing trends in mobile connectivity, application downloads, mobile application revenue and the use of technology in the restaurant business trends. The analyses on all these trends that give a wide overview of the profits to be made are demonstrated below. Mobile Connection Trends
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