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This assignment will discuss with close reference to the monuments and museums. How do museums make use of ‘authentic objects’ and storytelling techniques in order to memorialize the Shoah?
The Hebrew word meaning "catastrophe," denoting the catastrophic destruction of European Jewry during World War II. The term is used in Israel, and the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) has designated an official day, called Yom ha-Shoah, as a day of commemorating the Shoah or Holocaust. (Definition of Shoah, 2017)
. Looking at the displays from the Jewish Museum Berlin, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Micha Ullman 's Bibliothek Memorial, Memorial De La Shoah Paris and the counter-monument 'Monument against Fascism ' Hamberg. The
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The founding director of the museum, Jeshajahu Weinberg explains “Authentic three-dimensional artifacts provide the strongest historical evidence, stronger even than documentary photographs. They constitute a direct link to the events, which are embedded in them, as it were. Having been there, they have become silent witnesses.” (Weinberg and Elieli, Benton, 2014, p 215)
Benton explains the displays in the Holocaust Museum are done to “produce a strong impression of “being there”. The narrow corridors produce an effect of a sense of anxiety. The most obvious effect of commemorating the Shoah is to commemorate absence, the people who were witness and victims to the atrocity, the way this is referred is by using documentation of names and photographs, this can be difficult where large numbers of people are concerned. There is a 'Tower of faces ' display in the Washington museum which includes around 1000 photographs, combining individual identity with large numbers.
Contrasting to these museums the Memorial De La Shoah in Paris, the crypt is reverential, showing deep meaning to what and whom it is commemorating and allowing visitors to reflect in peace rather than come away with shock and recall after seeing the authentic objects and pictures displayed in the museums. This memorial conveys the names of individuals that is regularly
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