The Nature Of Work For Your Selected Career

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Section 1--Identify your career of choice and discuss the nature of work for your selected career:
My selected major is computer science. As I grew up, I began to develop a love for computers and that love grew each year, and each year I would use a computer even more than I had the year preceding that year therefore generating my passion for computer science. Computer scientists have more than one duty, as they have many. They usually work in a team with other computer programmers, information technology professionals and mechanical and or electrical engineers. These teams come up with ways to further computer technology by designing new technology. The skills required for computer science can be overwhelming but the top two most …show more content…

Computer Scientists usually work on more than one project a day. They cycle through several projects looking at ways to improve code or write new code to include newer and better features to these programs. Troubleshooting is a huge part of the computer scientists work day as they don’t always get the results they would hope for on the first run, so they troubleshoot until a certain problem is fixed or a solution is found within the program.
Section 2--Preparation and qualifications for this career:
Becoming a Computer Scientist is not an easy task, it it were you could expect a lot more computer scientists out there since a computer science degree is one of the hottest out there with one of the most job offerings there has to offer for a four year degree. To become a Computer Scientist you must at least get a bachelor 's degree, which takes four years for most people. To complete an education in computer science you must take courses relating in math, programming, stats, and introduction courses to various topics within computer science and general education classes to complete a bachelor 's degree. The skills required to be prepared for computer science are being able to handle a large workload, multitasking, staying focused, and being able to critically think. You may notice how these skills relate closely to that of a person who is already a computer scientist, which is because these skills are a

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