The Nature of People

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We have studied many theories during this term. I have learned that one of the most difficult decisions I will ever make as a practicing counselor is the theory (or theories) in which to use in my practice. In deciding what theory to use, first and foremost, I must consider the needs of the client. My own beliefs, bias, and values will need to be examined when selecting a counseling theory. Also of utmost importance will depend on the issues affecting my clients as to what theory to use. I believe that knowledge in all the theories will be vastly important because in certain circumstances more than one theory can be used. This paper will assist me in examining the following elements and developing a personal theory to use in future practice. The Nature of People The theory that stands out from all others when examining the nature of people is Carl Rogers’ person-centered therapy. This therapy centers on the belief that people are quite capable of growing and changing while pursuing their full potential. I wholeheartedly agree with Corey (2013) who said that people are “essentially trustworthy, that they have a vast potential for understanding themselves and resolving their own problems without direct intervention on the therapist’s part, and that they are capable of self-directed growth.” Utilizing this theory in practice, the client is the expert. I would use client-centered therapy when a client begins to have problems distinguishing between “the ideal self
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