The Needs of Different Customers at Drayton Manor Park Essay

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The Needs of Different Customers at Drayton Manor Park

All the customers that come to Drayton Manor Park have their own individual needs. Each individual customer likes to be provided with different services to make them self feel more comfortable. Some unpredictable situations would be that if there was a security alert that would affect each individual customer in Drayton Manor Park. If a customer was on a ride and it immediately broke down and it would cause a risk to the customer, depending of the physical status of the customer, he or she would want to be treaded differently. If a customer had an illness or some sort of medical problem, they would want to be treated in a way that they
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OAP groups would want a separate line for them to stand in for the lines, because it might be a big wait and they might no be able to stand for that long, tourist groups would want boards and signs in their language and also staff members that could speak their language to help them around. If there was to be a security alert in the park then the group would like to stay together and not go apart from each other, so the customers would like their needs to be met.

The needs for people of different ages

Different age groups have different needs. Children in the park may sometime find it hard to understand what the signs say or what the staff members are saying, so the park should provide them services so the children would easily understand. People of old aged sometime find it hard to keep up to what staff members are saying so they should provide trained staff to deal with them. Sometimes customers might get ill on the rides or on the park and the staff has to treat them, if the small aged children get ill they will have to treat them in a different way to OAP’s, so they will have to have trained staff to do all this.

Needs for people from different cultures

All customers want to be treated well, so they want the staff to be good to them, they won’t want to be racially abused by staff just because they are of a different culture. Drayton Manor Park has many restaurants
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