The Negative Effects Of Climate Change

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Imagine not being able to see outside or imagine having to life in a shelter because the world outside has changed so much it's not as inhabitable as it once was. Climate change is impacting the earth in various ways that will eventually cause the earth to become uninhabitable due to the harmful impacts, to the negative effects to the environment, and how the humans and animals are getting impacted just the as the rest of the world. Humans must immediately address climate change in order to ensure survival of all living things that are on earth. Climate Change has impacted the earth in all areas, from research scientists have done over the years. Carbon dioxide is the most leading source of pollution that impacts the atmosphere and many “scientists believe it would require only a small increase in the total amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere to produce a significant increase in average global temperature. Increases in global temperatures over recent decades appear to be related to increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide stemming from human industrial activity” (Renneboog). The humans have produced 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide from factories and automobiles. Humans have added about 3.4% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere within the last year, this increase of CO2 in the air has increased the Earth’s temperature about 1.2 degrees since 1900 and scientists think in the next century the temperature will be around 10.4 degrees, this might seem

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