The Negative Effects Of Deforestation

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Trees and any plantation for that matter are often taken for granted as they provide many of the essentials such as photosynthesis regulation, habitat, food, and even save ground to build construction. However as more people demand more, more space will be needed and cutting away the trees for humans to use. Deforestation is the act of cutting and clearing a large area of trees. It is the cause of extreme damage to the ecosystem and sustainability of life. Deforestation is negatively affecting the interaction between the water cycle, soil sustainability, and trees stability.
There is a chain reaction due to deforestation. Deforestation leads to decrease in biotic pump disrupting the water cycle leading to a decrease in transpiration and increase in temperature. Such rise in temperature leads to lack of rainfall to the forest and increase droughts and forest fires to which fires will disrupt the water cycle even more. Deforestation effects on Amazon forest resilience (Zemp et al. 2017) build on upon previous research done and used similar methods to collect data. Although they have come to some shortcomings such as “risk of underestimating the differences introduced in evapotranspiration following deforestation, compared to study using fine-scale observations over already deforested areas [Silvério et al., 2015]” (Zemp et al. 2017), acknowledging that deforestation has a grave effects on the water cycle, it is expected that hydroclimate would support the effects

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