The New Accessory On Your Wrist

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Adrianna Nemeth WRA 140 Sec 11 Nursing Essay When the new accessory on your wrist is a hospital bracelet, it can cause anyone to be led down the trail to crisis mode. The emotions that throw a person down the potential crisis trail are caused from many different areas, but two of the most prominent are not knowing the course of action to feeling helpless towards the situation. Families and patients alike look for someone to make sense of the medical issue that they are encountering and during this time they find that the registered nurses caring for them are the individuals that are there to support them both in a medical facet all the way to supporting. These selfless individuals have extensive education to become a patient’s or a …show more content…

Organizations like these strive to help share scientific findings and promote research in the field of nursing. With the help of these organizations, nurses will continue to be able to find new and improved innovative techniques for patient care and treatment. Indeed, the world of medicine never stands still and continuously changes. Filled with new breakthroughs in cures, better patient care, and improved treatment plans, nurses must keep up to date on the new breakthroughs to provide the best care for their patients; however, just being aware of the breakthroughs is not the extent of their work. Nurses frequently research the effects the side effects of medication so that patients and families can make educated decisions as to whether the treatment is worth it. In fact, registered nurse Farrah Agnone stated that “part of my continued education requirement every month we do different types of research on diseases and drugs. This month we researched diabetes, urinary foley care and three trauma cases with the associated care.” As Agnone mentioned, registered nurses are required to continuously learn new information, even after passing their nursing license boards. Including lifesaving protocol certifications, such as ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course) constantly need to be recertified (Sparks). In addition, nurses in the state of Michigan must maintain a minimum of “15 contact hours of CE

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