The New Age Of Feminism

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With many variants of feminism, the feminist philosophy is one of great concern in today’s popular culture, despite the movement beginning in the 19th, early 20th century. The new age of feminism has broadened across Australia through the technological advances of social media, and while women’s roles in society have long been debated, the current ideologies of feminism are persistent in reaching equality for the sexes.
Women’s liberation had begun in the 1960s, focusing on suffrage and overturning legal obstacles such as voting rights and continued through to the early 1980s. It was about breaking down barriers for women and exposing the restrictive life of a woman to be inadequate and lacking in equality. The lifestyle of a woman in the 21st century has changed dramatically across many westernised countries, and Australian women can be considered one of the most privileged but this does not evade the question of whether feminism is still relevant in contemporary Australia.
Living in the Lap of Luxury
The movement relates to the dominance of males in business, politics, law and the media all of which demonstrate gender inequality, but has recently stretched to issues related to femininity, violence and abuse against women and rape culture. Cézanne Colvin wrote in “I’m Not a Feminist But…” that feminism ‘is about ensuring that women always have both a choice and a voice’. Feminists are fighting to be equal to their male counterparts politically, economically,
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