The New Frontier : Data Analytics

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Assignment 1: The New Frontier: Data Analytics Richard Coale Dr. Progress Mtshali CIS 500 – Information Systems for Decision Making August 18, 2016 Define data analytics in general and provide a brief overview of the evolution of utilizing data analytics in business Data analytics includes the process of the analysis after collecting, of data to determine patterns as well as all types of information. Businesses profit from this data analysis and how it has been classified. Originally data analytics was termed data analysis. Only recently was it changed to the new term. Beginning with the advent of social media after the internet, companies began to use data in totally different ways. What once would have been discarded as unuseful data is now regarded as gold in the IT industry. Items such as what is a person 's breed of dog is now extremely important data that is sorted, managed and marketed. Considering this evolution, "in the past, analytics was reserved for back-room deliberations by data geeks generating monthly reports on how things are going. Today, analytics make a difference in how the company does business, day by day, and even minute by minute". (Hackathorn, R., 2013). Analyze the main advantages and disadvantages of using data analytics within the industry or company that you have chosen The industry explored here is telemarketing, specifically outbound telemarketing whose goal is to get an on the phone customer to purchase a specific
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