Mass Media Communication Essay

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mid-twentieth century marked and evolution in the field of communication. It was an era when televisions were introduced. They formed a major source of entertainment, news and advertising. Advancements have been made in the field of communication and have resulted to varying and significant changes that have brought magnificent impacts that are witnessed today. Mass media and communication entails diversified media technologies. The technologies are purposed to reach large audience who are the mass. There are various types of technologies through which communication takes place. There are those technologies that transmit their information electronically such as radio, recorded music, film, and television. There is also the print media which involves the use of objects such as newspaper, book, comics and pamphlet to communicate. The other type of media is the outdoor media; such media comprises of the billboards, placards, and signs. In the cases of the public speaking and events, they are also termed as social media. In the recent years, the new digital technologies have caused significant changes in information communication and distribution. The digital media is the most current form of social media; it comprises the internet and the mobile mass communication. The internet media consist of services such as email, websites, and blogs, and there are also television and radio internet-based services. There are also many mass media outlets that have a presence on the web. For

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