The New World With Internet

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Internet Business Nowadays, people come to the new world with online system. People develop technologies in life. People use technologies as one hand for helping easily life. One way of the technologies is the internet online. People open internet every day for check mail, take information, and shopping online. People use computer to open and work businesses. Internets are help business to working because the system is control with people. Almost business use the internet opening new system. If people have marketing ability, or they possess to the sales or any ways business information, they should promptly see a way that search marketing magnetize upon your previous experience, but they will also discover what is it dissimilar. It look…show more content…
It is include main points of the internet marketing about electronic marketing, marketing concept, and digital website.
Electronic Marketing People try to using the internet for profit and income. Some people study specially to marketing or network, but it is not enough knowledge. People try applied to the internet, it is working with the marketing. Beneke, Jones, and Malczyk (n.d.) Internet marketing is one way called online marketing or electronic marketing, and it is substantially other marketing event to manage online by way of using internet technologies. It is not include advertising that is present in homepages, but also any types of online activities as social network and e-mail. The appearance of the internet marketing is a digital; it is meaning electronic information to pass in the computer or same device, although naturally it can stipulate within traditional offline sales and advertising. People can show a product in the website. A customer will come to looking the product in internet when they need to buy it. People use internet for working in the business. They can control easily from any places because the computer can working all the time. Nykilel (2003) an electronic marketing is a weapon of number to looking at internet. It includes to telemarketing, television shopping, or in written or computerized from electronically transmitted through e-mail or fax. It likewise consists of promotion
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