Digital And Direct Marketing : Topshop Case Study

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Technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives. People, companies and institutions are affected from this new way of accessing information called Internet. We just have to look around and we will see how technology its after almost every operation nowadays. Because of the existence and use of the internet, companies and consumers are developing new habits of interaction between them. Companies need to take care of how they adapt to this habits, focusing in how they can offer their product and how their products can be accessed by their consumers. That is why internet marketing its the branch of marketing in which a high speed growth can be observed in this last decade. Because of technology and internet, the world its very connected, and every slightest change its noticed very rapidly, and at the same time customers are migrating their daily operations online. This can be explained by few variables: time and space convenience, easy shopping and comparison and information exchange.
As a result of all this, companies are trying to evolve and adapt their services and product to the online field, migrating from a traditional marketing to a digital strategy. But the question is how internet marketers fight all this shifts and changes of the internet. They must try to use the tools that online field offers as webpages or social networks to succeed in
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