The Nightmares Of Animals : Peta

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The nightmares of animals Each year, a person is exposed to thousands of advertisements. All advertisements generate a message but not every advertisement portrays their message in the same way. Some ads appeal to the rational side of humans but most appeal to the emotional side. When advertisements try to appeal to the emotional side of humans they try to invoke positive emotions but some ads appeal to faze the viewer instead. PETA, which is an acronym for short for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an organization that advocates its beliefs that no animal should undergo cruelty to satisfy certain wants and needs through advertisements that often leave the audience appalled. PETA 's advertisements have been very successful and have caused an emotional response in the viewers and impacted many individuals through their videos. The organization’s arguments have a great impact towards the human race, animals and overall cruelty. This campaign argues that animals deserve rights and should annihilate unethical treatment caused by the satisfaction of desires and entertainment. Everyone channel surfs the television once a while sitting in a couch or scrolls through Youtube trying to find a video to watch, when all of a sudden they come upon a commercial. A short one minute video that grabs the attention of viewers by showing grotesque images of animal cruelty. PETA appeals to emotional side of humans by exposing the unspeakable agony an

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