The Effectiveness of ASPCA's Commercial Essay

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In 2010 the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) came out with a commercial that would shock the advertisement industry. The effectiveness of this commercial is proven, simply by watching the reactions of the commercial’s viewers. For those who have never seen the video it has a very sad and morose tone to it. The commercial begins with showing pictures and videos of suffering animals with the song “Angel” playing in the background. While this is going on the narrator of the commercial (Sarah McLachlen) is softly talking about the suffering and abuse that these unfortunate animals go through. Through many different rhetorical techniques the viewers are many times brought to tears after watching this commercial. When thinking of pieces of Rhetoric that demonstrates the use of pathos, the first thing I think of is this commercial. The sole purpose of this commercial is to emotionally compromise the audience until eventually the viewers will donate money to the cause. This video is so affective at completing this goal because of the way it connects to the viewers, and the way it uses many different methods to attack the viewer’s emotions.

Almost everything about the ASPCA’s commercial is specifically made to make us feel and act a certain way. Everything from the time the show is aired, what channel it is aired on, and even the kind of music playing in the background is all targeted to a specific audience. In the case of the ASPCA commercial…